The Convoy of Liberation 2017

The Convoy of Liberation 2017

Programma rev.10 – updated the 19th April 2017
Added downloadable itineraries in PDF.

Program rev.09 – updated the 16th April 2017
Accommodation in public buildings like gym added.

Program rev.08 – updated of the 15th of April 2017 – Added historical notes – revised affiliated shops of the April 24th

Program rev.07 – updated of the 13th of April 2017 – affiliated shops added to April 24th

Program rev.06 – updated of the 9th of April 2017 – Details added to April 23rd

Program rev.05 – updated of the 8th of April 2017 – Registrations closed

Program rev.04 – updated of the 2nd of April 2017 – program updated

Program rev.03 – updated of the 28th of March 2017 – program of the 23rd of April updated

Program rev.02 – updated of the 16th of March 2017 – Hotel Residence WHITE PALACE fully booked

Program rev.01 – updated of the 4th of March 2017 – Hotels and form on line added

Program rev.00 – updated of the 26th of February 2017

23rd-25th April 2017

North Apennines Po Valley Park



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Gruppo 2194 Federazione Nazionale Rievocatori WW2 Old Ironsides 1st Armoured Division


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The time has come. For the past ten years the name “Colonna” has acquired a meaning of its own for people sharing our same interests. We also know The Column of Liberation has become a reference point in many parts of Italy, as we find out when we visit during the year sharing its spirit with others.

But since we are animated by a great passion in what we do, sometimes, maybe with excessive naiveté, we end up bringing the event also to places where we know some feel they are above and beyond what we –the normal people loving history and HMVs – try to achieve. The fact is we feel the Column of Liberation is surely an event with great effects in terms of touristic and economic benefits, as well as in terms of growth of the HMV community, for the areas where it takes place. So we believe it would be wrong to deprive a community from the opportunity to be part or enjoy – for free – a large scale event of this type, with its opportunity for cultural and material growth, only because it may have an effect on the local political scene, for reasons, let this be clear, which completely escape our comprehension.

“The Column of Liberation” embodies values which cannot be interpreted or used in favor of any political ideology. It is a three-dimensional history book whose inspiration comes from the wish to spread the values of peace, democracy, family, work, whose propelling force comes from the passion shared by all of us, for historical military vehicles, their preservation, restoration, and enjoyment.

This event has acquired over time an international fame thanks to the hard work all people involved, from the organizers to each and every participant, has put into it. This edition will again touch two cities of historical importance where we haven’t been before. Where we will again have the opportunity to feel genuine emotions, enjoying again the chance to be together in our passion.

So, let’s MOVE OUT! again, also this year….

Men of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers are carried forward on Sherman tanks near Ferrara, 22 April 1945.

Men of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers are carried forward on Sherman tanks near Ferrara, 22 April 1945.


Historical notes – 2017 edition


Return route to Cento on 25 April 2017
Attention – this itinerary is NOT part of the event

( provisional )

Saturday 22 April 2017

One Hundred (FE)

Piazza del Guercino: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm – 1940’s Night with live music performed by the “B-24 Liberator little big band”; exhibition of armored fighting vehicles, free eating and strolling in downtown Cento.
Free event open to all

Sunday 23 April 2017

One Hundred (FE)

One Hundred (FE)
8.30 – Convoy depart from Via Guercino to Cento to Bevilacqua, Palata Pepoli and Camposanto
9.45 – arrival to San Felice sul Panaro in Piazza Piva
10.30 – Convoy departs toward Medolla, Cavezzo, Concordia sulla Secchia and Moglia
12.30 – arrival at San Benedetto Po in Piazza Folengo Teofilo and vheicle exibition – lunch in the courtyard of the Abbey of San Benedetto in Polirone

Abbey of San Benedetto in Polirone

Variety of artisanal Focaccias at the discretion of the Chef
Grana Padano flakes aged 24 months
Gardener, Mantua mustards and jams
Risotto creamed with salamella
Stefani capon with delicate mustard sauce, celery, raisins and toasted pine nuts
Artisan Sbrisolona
Crumble with Valhrona Chocolate and Pistachios

4.00 pm – Convoy departs toward Mirasole, Quingentole and Pieve di Coriano
4.50 pm – stop at Revere in Corso Italia
5.30 pm – Convoy departs toward Villa Poma, Poggio Rusco, Dragoncello, Malcantone, Pilastri, Burana, Bondeno and Santa Bianca
7.00 pm – arrival at Casumaro for dinner in the Sala Polivalente Parrocchiale Don Alfredo

Rigatoni with traditional ragù (mixed beef/pork sausage)
Mixed grilled pork (rib, sausage, coppone, bacon)
French fries

9.30 pm – Convoy departs returning to Cento – stop for the night

Monday 24 April 2017

One Hundred (FE)

9:00 a.m. Convoy departs from Via Guercino in Cento toward Corporeno, Sant’Agostino, Mirabello, Poggio Renatico, Chiesuol del Fosso
11:30 a.m. Convoy enters Ferrara – downtown entry with reenactors on foot – meeting with local authorties and static eshibition on vehicles in Piazza Castello


12:30 p.m. – Free Lunch

The affiliated shops ASCOM e FIPE in the list will offer a 10% discount on the listed prices to the people in uniform
you can find the affiliated shops on the ASCOM website:

  • Bar Pasticceria Duca D’este – Piazzetta del Castello 22 – 44121 Ferrara.
  • Bar Pasticceria Ristorante Leon D’oro – Piazza della Cattedrale 8 – 44121 FErrara – typical menu Ferrarese .
  • Tiffany Bar Restaurant – Piazza Municipale 24, 44121 – Ferrara (FE).
  • Ristorante Cusina e Butega – Corso Porta Reno, 28 – 44121 Ferrara.
  • Locanda 22 – Piazza della Repubblica 11 – 44121 Ferrara.

5:00 p.m. Convoy departs toward Porotto, Vigarano Pieve, Ponte Rodoni, Bondeno, Santa Bianca, Casumaro, Pilastrello
7:00 p.m. Convoy returns to Cento and stops at the Grand Hotel Bologna for dinner (menu to be finalized)
11:00 p.m. Convoy stop for the night

Tuesday 25 April 2017

One Hundred (FE)

9:00 a.m. Convoy departs from Via Guercino in Cento towards Renazzo, Alberone, Finale Emilia, Gavello, Pilastri, Malcantone, Santa Croce
10:45 a.m. transit through Sermide ( MN ), proceeds towards Felonica along the Po river levees
11:00 arrival at Felonica – visit to the renovated Museum of the Second World War Along the Po River ( Palazzo Cavriani )
1:00 p.m. – Lunch

Tirot with salami
Pilot risotto
Sbrisolona Mantovana
Mantua donut

3:00 p.m. End of the Event
4:00 p.m. – Convoy returns to Cento (optional participation)
6:00 pm – arrival to Cento


Men of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers, supported by Achilles 17pdr tank destroyers, wait to go forward near Ferrara, 22 April 1945.


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